Thursday, August 28, 2008

Give Me Five!

Well, I've finally done it ....jumped off the cliff into Blog Land! Please be gentle as I make my way around. I visit so many fabulous blog every day, I'm a bit intimidated!

This is the perfect card for my first post. I made it for my friend Anna's little boy, Elam. He's three years old and just learned to say, "Give me five" in English. Anna is one of my best friends and is also Amish. We met a little over a year ago and I adore her and her family!!

The reason this card is perfect for my first post is that all of my Amish friends call me Shayna Bay, not Shawn. Long story...but the nickname has stuck and those closest to me now call me Shayna Bay...which explains the name of my blog.

I hope you enjoy visiting and checking out what's going on in my little corner of Blog Land. I'm a little nervous, but excited too! Here's hoping you get some inspiration from me ...just as I have from the fabulous blogs I visit each day!!


Alison said...

Go Shawn! I can't wait to see more of your stuff! Hope to stamp with you soon at the Barn or at LeAnne's! Alison Yarrish

LeAnne said...

Welcome to blogland! Your card is very cute, just as you described! I see you got your counter on, and it's up to 20 already! Woohoo!
Talk to you soon!