Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Sad Farewell to Luci

My daughter, Jackie, is 16. She is an amazing person and I love her with all of my heart and soul!! Her boyfriend, Kyle, is also an amazing kid. They are so cute together!

Last week, Kyle's dog Luci had to be put to sleep. She had some recurring health issues and they felt it was the best thing for her. Such a selfless decision, probably one of the hardest to make!!

I made this sympathy card for Kyle and his family. There is no stamping involved. The picture is from when Luci was just a baby. She was a Boston Terrier and a great dog. Even Jackie, who isn't a dog person, loved her!! I know Kyle misses her every day.

This shows the inside of the card. The sentiment, inside and out, is printed on vellum cardstock. I found the poem from a pet website, can't find it again to link, though?!?! Grr!!! Hate when that happens.

Here's what the poem says...


Our animal friends teach us more than we expected,

And loved us more than we could have hoped.


That's why we miss them more

than we could have imagined.

With Sympathy and friendship,

especially during this time of loss.

Thanx for visiting!

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Donna said...

what a sweet gesture! love the idea of Luci's picture on the card. I bet it meant a lot to Kyle! I have a dog & 2 cats and often think about if/when we will have to make those decisions-I will probably have a breakdown! I love your blog *I'm the gal you emailed about the 60th birthday invitations*