Sunday, October 5, 2008

SC196 Be Yourself

Hello! Wow, it's been a crazy week here at the O'Connell household. Danny (aka Love of my Life) had his second sinus surgery on Thursday. Bleck!! He's starting to feel better. I HATE not being able to help ...aside from getting him a drink or a snack or a backrub! haha! I'm one of those, "I have to do something for you!!" types.

I managed to get one card stamped in the past 5 days. GULP! I had planned on stamping yesterday, but it just didn't happen. (insert sad face). I cased this card from SCS and can't find the picture in the gallery anymore?!? I hate when that happens ...I like to give credit where credit is due! I thought this was an adorable use for the Pick-a-Petal set. I'm sending it off to my friend's step-daughter who is in Basic Training. I've been trying to send a card a week, just so she gets some happy mail! It's gotta get lonely being away from home and friends/family for so long! Not to mention the strenuous exercise they put you through!!

Hope to have more luck stamping this week! Thanx for visiting!!

P.S. Frankie (my 13 yr old) was named Most Outstanding Player of the Game last Thursday. He got to wear the special jersey for the whole weekend. He's very proud!! And so are we!!


Anonymous said...

What a cute, cute card, Shawn! I have to giggle when I look at it! Nice job! :)
Hope hubby feels better soon! Keep giving him thos backrubs! :)
Congrats to your son as well!

LeAnne said...

Oh my gosh, this is tooooooo funny! She will get a laugh out of this! Tell Frankie congrats from me!

Angie Tieman said...

Well this is the cutest thing ever!! Love the colors and his sweet ears and eyeglasses! Just darling!