Friday, October 24, 2008

Soccer, Soccer, Soccer

Hello! Today's post is all about soccer! My son, Frankie, played varsity soccer for the middle school this year. He's in 8th grade. Frankie played soccer for one year back in the 4th grade. This was his triumphant return .... he was awarded Most Improved Player!! Go Frankie!! Below are the cards that I made for the coaches at the end of the season. Coach Rogan (Hi, John!) asked Frankie to go out for the team and I'm so glad that he did. Frankie has done great and has had a blast playing! We can't wait for next season!!
I'll be back later with the card ingredients and some pics of Frankie playing. Right now, I have to run to work.

Have a fabulous day! Thanx for visiting!!


Denise (peanutbee) said...

AWESOME soccer cards. Love the embossing.

Lynn said...

These are excellent soccer cards! The colors and embossing look fantastic!

joni said...

I love your sight and I will keep this card in my most wonderfulest cards ever made box
(John says hi back)