Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yearbook Tags

Hello! I am on the Yearbook Committee this year at Ryan's elementary school. One of my friends has been single-handedly (for the most part) taking care of this task for the past several years. I always wished that I would've joined the yearbook committee when I was in High School, so I decided to help out!

However, when I was in the school this week taking pictures, I was getting a few funny looks. You could just see the teachers thinking, "Who is this lady?" ..."Why is she taking pics of our kids?". I decided to create tags for Jodi and I to wear while snapping pics for the yearbook. These turned out so cute that I wanna run over to the school and snap some shots right now ...just to wear the tag! Yes, that's lame, I know! Here are the tags...

I hope to be back today with another post ...stay tuned! Thanx for visiting!!

1 comment:

LeAnne said...

Well, aren't you clever! These are adorable and I think that is very cool you are doing this together!