Monday, November 10, 2008

You're Invited....Dude!

Sorry I've been MIA.... again! Things have been busy, but I have some eye candy to post!

My friend/neighbor commissioned me to make some birthday party invites for her 12 year old step son, Mykee. He's a football player and our school colors are gold and black (Go Solanco Mules!!) Here's what I came up with....

Angela said that Mykee and his friends liked them. I guess that's a touch down for me! Woo Hoo!!

I also put together some treat bags as small birthday gifts for two co-workers. They were a big hit! I love these little "bags in a box" or whatever they are officially called. They are so easy to put together and a great way to acknowledge someone's special day! I filled these with candy. Yummy!!I don't have time to post recipes right, if you need to know something, shoot me an email. Thanx so much for visiting! I will try to post more regularly, I promise!!!

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LeAnne said...

Cute, Shawn! Glad to see you were able to spend some time stampin'! Love the invites, too, dude!