Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gonna be a doozie!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wish me luck, folks! As you read this, I will be in the dentist's chair (breathe, Shawn, you can do it!) having a tooth pulled. However, that's not the worst of it......
I'm also having Root Planing & Scaling done to the left side of my mouth. Shocked 1 How horrible does that sound?!?! If only I could just be put under! Ponder

Okay, so anyway.... I know you don't come to this blog to hear my own personal drama (or maybe you do?!?). On to the card....

The inspiration for this card came from page 19 of the Occasions Mini. The card shown was only the small brown part. I decided to make it a 5.25 x 5.25 card. I love this size!! There's just something classy about a square card?!? Anyone else feel that way?

The receptionist, Karen, at my dentist's office is so, so sweet and helpful!! Her birthday is today ...the same day as my torture.... I mean treatment. NervousShe happened to mention it to me when she was scheduling my appointment. Of course, being the card freak that I am, I made a mental note to make her a card. It's always so nice when the office staff is helpful. It's very apparent that Karen loves her job and working with people!! Wish the world was full of more people like that!!

Send up a prayer for me, please. I should be out of that horrible chair by Noon EST. Dear GOD, please don't let it take any longer!!!!

Thanx for visiting!!

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