Monday, June 15, 2009


Hello! Wow, it's amazing how quick Mondays roll around, isn't it?!?! Seems like the older I get, the closer the Mondays get. Blech!

This is the first full week of summer vaca for my kids. My oldest will be a senior next year. GULP!!! I can't even believe it!! My middle one will be a freshman!! And my youngest will be 5th grader!! Where did this time go?!?!

The youngest is already BORED ... every day I hear it at least once. Fun!! I work from home, as a recruiter. So, Ryan thinks that b/c he can see me, I'm available to him 24/7. Again, FUN!! I promised to take him to the library this afternoon.....gotta keep this quick.

This card was made for a friend/neighbor's son, Robert. His graduation party a couple of weekends ago....and we had a BLAST! A little too much fun, actually ...if there is such a thing!!

Don't have time for the recipe right now. If you have any questions, shoot me an email or leave a comment. Actually, leave a comment anyway .... it's nice to know people are visiting (besides Liz and LeAnne!!) Thanx girls!!

Have a great day and thanx for visiting!!